From Kitchen to Heart: The 10-Year Story of Ann’s Bakehouse & Creamery

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At the heart of every celebration, a special moment brings people together, creating memories that last a lifetime. As we mark our 10th anniversary on April 20, 2024, we embark on a heartfelt journey down memory lane. The theme for this special occasion, “A Decade of Creations,” aims to showcase Ann’s Bakehouse & Creamery‘s remarkable journey and creations over the past decade. As a prime online cake shop, we are excited to continue sharing these sweet memories with our loyal customers.

Ann’s Bakehouse & Creamery has been honored to be part of these cherished moments, delivering happiness through our exquisite cakes for the past ten years. From birthdays to weddings and every joyous occasion, our passion for crafting premium cakes has grown stronger yearly. Join us as we stir up feelings of fond remembrance, celebrating the moments that have defined us and the milestones that have shaped our story.

Our Journey

The Beginning: A Sweet Start


In 2014, Ann’s Bakehouse & Creamery began as a humble online store driven by a simple mission: to deliver happiness through our delicious cakes. Our first creations, including the delectable Tres Leches, Key Lime Pie, and Sacher Torte, quickly captured the hearts of our customers. These early successes were a testament to our commitment to quality and passion for baking.


By 2015, our menu expanded to include the exquisite Mille Feuille and Cheese Mille Feuille, alongside the delightful Honey Cake. Each creation was crafted meticulously, ensuring every bite was a symphony of flavors. Our customers’ enthusiasm and unwavering support fueled our drive to innovate and delight with each new offering.


In the following years, iconic creations were introduced, such as the Chocolate Salted Caramel Fudge in 2017 and the Super Banana, Mocca Nougat, and Carrot Cake in 2019. These cakes showcased our creativity and dedication in catering fordiverse tastes and dietary needs. Our gluten-free and vegan Super Banana, in particular, was a hit, demonstrating our commitment to inclusivity and excellence.


2022 marked the debut of our Super Tiramisu, another gluten-free delight that quickly became a favorite. The following year, we reached new heights with the opening of our Bintaro location and the grand inauguration of Ann’s Plaza Senayan on December 9, 2023. This expansion allowed us to reach more customers and share our creations with a broader audience. The vibrant transformation of our classic Tres Leches into the Tres Leches Red Berry added a festive twist, making it the ultimate centerpiece for any celebration.

A Commitment to Quality and Inclusivity

On March 22, 2024, Ann’s Bakehouse & Creamery proudly received its Halal certification, underscoring our dedication to quality and inclusivity. As a leading halal cake shop in Jakarta, this milestone allows us to serve an even broader community, bringing our delectable treats to more people while maintaining the same excellence that Ann’s is known for.

Ann’s People: The Heart of Our Success

At Ann’s Bakehouse & Creamery, friendly service and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs are vital to customer satisfaction. Our commitment to exceptional quality and the synergy between our departments has created a unique culture that strengthens our service and provides a distinct experience for our customers.

We aim to make every experience with Ann’s seamless and enjoyable, with reliable delivery, pick-up options, and offerings that bring joy and satisfaction. We are honored to be part of your celebrations and gatherings, enhancing every special moment with our delightful treats. More than just selling cakes, we share happiness. It is our sincere pleasure to be part of your celebrations, now and always.

Celebrating 10 Years of Ann’s Bakehouse & Creamery


April 20, 2024, is a monumental occasion for us—celebrating our journey, loyal customers, and countless memories. Over the past decade, we’ve grown from a small online store to a beloved brand with multiple locations. This anniversary is not just a reflection on our past achievements but also a look forward to a future filled with even more delicious creations and happy moments.

To commemorate our 10th anniversary, Ann’s Bakehouse & Creamery proudly presents a special anniversary creation: 10 best and most memorable cakes in a round 10cm size. These cakes have been selected to represent the sweet memories and special moments we’ve shared with you over the past ten years.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we are profoundly grateful to our loyal customers for allowing us to be a part of their most special days. Here’s to the past, present, and future of #deliveringhappiness. We hope you feel the same joy we do in delivering these special moments. Thank you for allowing Ann’s Bakehouse & Creamery to be a part of your treasured memories. #BerawalDariKue

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