Year of the Dragon Cake Delights: A Sweet Success Guide to Irresistible Treats

year of the dragon cake

The Year of The Dragon is considered a special and auspicious time. Since dragons are the only mythical creatures in the Chinese Zodiac, they hold a central place in Chinese folklore. The Dragon is associated with strength, power, and good fortune. The Year of The Dragon comes every 12 years, often accompanied by heightened excitement and celebrations.

With the upcoming Lunar New Year coming, let’s take a look at the traits of the upcoming Chinese Zodiac: The Dragon!

The Dragon Chinese Zodiac Traits

Individuals born in The Year of the Dragon are often characterized by their unwavering confidence and enthusiasm towards life. Here are some of the traits associated with those born with Dragon as their Chinese Zodiac.

Powerful and Noble

The Dragon is considered to be a symbol of power and nobility in Chinese culture. People born in the Year of the Dragon are believed to have a certain aura of authority and strength.

Enthusiastic and Independent

Dragons are known for their enthusiasm and energy. They approach life with vigor and are not easily deterred by obstacles. Dragons value their independence and may prefer to work alone. They have a self-reliant nature and can be quite determined to pursue their goals.

Generous and Supportive

Despite their independent nature, Dragons can be generous and supportive to their friends and loved ones. They often have a high sense of loyalty.


Dragons are often seen as ambitious, confident, and charismatic individuals. They tend to be natural leaders with a strong desire for success and are unafraid to take on challenges. On the downside, Dragons can sometimes be perceived as arrogant or tactless. Their confidence might border on overconfidence, and they may need to be mindful of how their actions affect others.

Remember that while these traits are associated with the Dragon sign, individual personalities can vary widely, and many factors influence one’s character. The Chinese Zodiac is a cultural and symbolic system that offers insights rather than strict personality determinants.

With that, let’s look at Ann’s cake variation that matches the fiery and opulent Year of the Dragon!

The Year of The Dragon Cake and Treat

Lapis Legit

lapis legit cake

Strong layers for a steady year! Celebrate The Year of The Dragon with the sturdy and buttery layers of our Lapis Legit variations. The layers signify the scale of strength that Dragons hold, and each layer marks the fight and achievement you gain through perseverance.

Tres Leches Red Berry

year of the dragon cake

A fiery red sweetness for a year full of spirit! Ann’s impressive version of our Tres Leches combines with decadent strawberry coulis that’s enhanced with honey! A perfect balance of sweet and refreshing taste that’s perfect to elevate your start of the Lunar New Year and show your Dragon-like spirit for the year.

Orange Blossoms Pie

year of the dragon cake

A unique combination of oranges as the main ingredient and a cloud-like whipped cream creates an exotic and refreshing taste. The zesty and elegant garnish is impeccably added, showing a unique look, just like a Dragon!

Lunar Chocolate Pudding

year of the dragon cake

Much like the character of a Dragon, Lunar Chocolate Pudding embodies a delightful secret—a must-have dessert to complete your grand celebration. This heavenly chocolate treat features layers of bittersweet chocolate pudding and an abundance of rich dark chocolate ganache that tantalize the taste buds. Adorned with captivating chocolate shavings, glass-like strawberries, sprinkles of golden flakes, it’s the perfect indulgence to enjoy the New Year with loved ones. Just as Dragons can be both independent and supportive, Lunar Chocolate Pudding caters to those with the characteristic traits of the Dragon zodiac, making it a fitting choice for those born under this sign.

So, what are you waiting for? Sweeten your Lunar New Year celebrations with Ann’s Bakehouse’s dragon-related recommendations and experience the joy of tradition in every bite. So, seize the opportunity to share prosperity and flavor – visit us at our  offline store or order through our website, 

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